Pottery Cart

We understand that although you love the convenience of shopping online, nothing matches the joy of ‘experiencing’ a product before buying and also owning it instantly.

So we created ‘Pottery Cart’ to take our pottery to places you go to – cafes, restaurants, exhibits, Mall alleys, Food Courts, pop-up events, Fairs, Tea Parties, Kitty Parties and more. The cart, with our selective pottery creations can be hired for desired number of days – upto a week. The rent and profit sharing can be mutually decided depending on duration, selection of products, event etc.

If you plan a pottery event (birthday, play date, tea party etc.), you can hire the cart to display cups, platters, planters etc. for guests/children to choose for customising or hand painting.

The cart is compact and easy to transport. One can hire it even for non-pottery events like activities/display of items in children’s birthday parties or even to display your products in a compact way in exhibitions and fairs.

For fund raising events for NGOs and causes, there will not be any rental charges.

To know about pottery cart, call +91 98300 30169.